A Safe New Year in 2013


by  on December 31, 2012

As we start out in 2013, here are some New Year’s Resolutions to be made by employees who want to have a safe year: Happy New Year 2013!

I vow to come into work ready for a safe day. I will be clear headed and ready to focus on my work with a positive attitude. I will be aware that there are risks and hazards in my workplace that I can control. I will take responsibility for my safety. I will look forward to going home at the end of the day without an injury.

I will take a moment for safety whenever I start a new task during the day. I will ask myself: Do I have the right tools? Have I checked the equipment properly before using it? Is the equipment set up to reduce any muscle strain on my body?

I will be responsible for the housekeeping in my area. I will make certain that the housekeeping in my work area allows me to do my job safely. I will not leave tools on stairs or on walking surfaces. I will maintain space for movement in the aisles.

I will take control of my safety by reporting any unsafe conditions to my supervisor. I will ask what is going to be done about the unsafe condition. If it is not corrected in a timely fashion, I will also report my concern to a member of my safety team for follow up.

I will wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment. I will wear my safety glasses with side shields in all designated areas. If a respirator, hardhat or hearing protection is required in an area or for a task, I will make certain that I wear the additional protection at all times.

I will use the right tool for the job. I will carry my tools to do the work over to the job so I am not tempted to grab the nearest object and use it. I will inspect my tools before use and not use tools in poor condition. I will clean up and put back my tools after each job so I know where to find them.

I will check my equipment for safe and proper operation before use. I will perform a walk-around and steering and brake check every time I get on a forklift. I will not use a piece of machinery that does not have the safety features in place and working.

I will lock out all equipment before I put my hands or body into an operating piece of machinery. I will carry my lock with me at all times so I can lock out equipment. If I have a question on a lock out procedure, I will ask a supervisor. I will test the equipment that I have locked out to make certain that it is off.

I will be aware of protecting my back and other muscles. I will stretch before jobs and periodically during the work day. I will look at positioning myself to avoid muscle strain and fatigue. I will determine if a piece of equipment can do the job better than putting strain on my body.

I will handle myself safely not only on the job but at home. I will wear my seat belt while driving. I will wear the same protective equipment for tasks at home that would be required at work. I will check my home and arrange to have unsafe conditions repaired.

This post was written by Peg Simons, former Corporate Health & Safety Manager for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.


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