A Sneak Peek into One of our Most Treasured National Labs

A Sneak Peek into One of our Most Treasured National Labs

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Oak Ridge Tennessee.  This is one of our many treasured national labs run by the US Department of Energy.  Some may recall that this lab, in conjunction with The University of Tennessee, was where much of the Manhattan Project nuclear weapons development was conducted.

I was visiting a new facility at ORNL named the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS).  This is an accelerator based neutron source for conducting basic scientific research on all matters of materials from metals for industry to soft tissue for medical advancement.  It is the most powerful instrument of its kind in the world!

While visiting this facility to see some material experiments related to our products, I saw many of our products used in the main neutron beam building.  There were two main 30 ton Cranes that each had ShawBox and Cable King hoists on them.  There were also Cyclone, Lodestar, and Chester  chain hoists in use.  These hoists and cranes were used to do everything from construct new lab areas inside the main beam line building to relocate environmental chambers to moving samples of material prepared for testing.  What an amazing feeling to see equipment we engineer and build being used to support basic research in an atomic particle accelerator. How cool is that!  Frankly, it just doesn’t get any more high tech than this facility.  This is where real science is done and we’re a part of it!

Enjoy the pictures of the cranes and our CMCO family of products!

This post was written by Dave Huber, former Director of Engineering Systems & Standards, Hoist & Rigging Americas, for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.
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    I see your feeling.I’ll be also happy if I can do like this.I’m planning to apply lift equipments for plane assembly and adjustment line in a national defence factory in 2012.The most thing I care is to contact CM.Will you help me?

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