Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation

Precast Inc. Magazine  had a good article in their March/April 2010  issue entitled “Accident Investigation” by Joan Shirikian-Hesselton. When the unthinkable happens action must be taken to ensure the unfortunate event doesn’t happen again.

  • It is essential that investigations be conducted as fact finding not fault finding. What happened?  Don’t look for blame in an investigation – just the facts.
  • Have an established well-developed Investigation Plan. This should be a preplanned process.  The person conducting the investigation should have authority and training. Documentation and good methodology will lead to correct identification of root causes and proper corrective action.  After the investigation there should be follow-ups and reviews of the actions about to be taken and the actions that were taken to eliminate future accidents.

Some OSHA Websites have on-line accident investigation programs and training. OSHAcademy offers a free program program called Effective Accident Investigation. 

Peter Cooke

Peter Cooke is a former Training Manager for Columbus McKinnon Corporation, having specialized in Rigging & Load Securement.

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  1. Very good points made in this article Peter. People do not realize that the proper investigation and follow-ups are the key to preventing accidents down the line.

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