Application Challenge: Can you solve this customer’s problem?

Application Challenge: Can you solve this customer’s problem?


A customer has a below the hook device for lifting a specific part that weighs 100 lbs. The tag has fallen off and you are requested do a load test, re-attach a tag and return it to him. The lifter was made “in-house” and does not meet the BTH-1 Standards. There is documentation from previous inspections and it appears that the device has been in service for 6-7 years. Is load testing the device and marking the lifter with a WLL and serial number for traceability to the load test certification acceptable?

You can put your ideas in the comments or check in on Friday for the answer!

Gisela Clark

Gisela Clark is an eMarketing Specialist for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

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3 Replies to “Application Challenge: Can you solve this customer’s problem?”

  1. No.
    Problem 1: No engineering documentation. Always my first steps are who, what, when

    Problem 2: No current serial number, how can you tell if the tag that has fallen off is the same tag that was on it.

    Problem 3: It dose not meet standard, Now I will be forced to admit that I really don’t have this standard committed to memory as well as I should. But OSHA makes the following statement; “With regard to whether OSHA recognizes ANSI/ASME B30.20 specifications as the reference point for determining inspections for Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices, please be advised that the answer is yes. OSHA refers to the subject consensus standard for inspection provisions for Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices.” ( and “BTH-1 provides minimum structural and mechanical design and electrical component selection criteria for ASME B30.20 below-the-hook lifting devices.” (—standards/design-of-below-the-hook-lifting-devices)

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