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Overhead Lifting Slings are generally used in conjunction with a crane, powered hoist, manual or lever hoist or some type of lifting device. There are numerous types of materials used for building overhead lifting slings – each with specific advantages and disadvantages – including: Chain Wire rope Synthetics Metal mesh. Understand the Application Before You […]


Chain has been used by people to pull, fasten and pick things up for over 2000 years. The form of chain has not changed much over the years, whereas the manufacturing of chain has. With the modern advances in metallurgy and manufacturing techniques, chain is a much better quality today. During these advances we have […]


  OSHA has recently updated the following regulations for slings: 1910.184 (general industry) 1915.122 1915.113 1915.118 (for shipyard employment) & 1926.251 (construction). Effective June 8, 2011, all slings, chain, synthetic & wire rope, are required to have identification tags/labels permanently attached to them. This regulation applies to slings sold and used in the United States. Historically, […]


I recently attended the spring meeting of the WSTDA, (Web Sling Tie Down Association) in Fort Myers, FL. The meeting was comprised of web sling & tie down manufacturers, distributors & end users, a typical cross-section of its membership. Here are some of the highlights: WSTDA Performs its Own Testing One of the interesting things […]


Eyebolts are safe to use if used properly. I have seen the misuse of eyebolts in every walk of life –  industrial, recreational & residential – and it is frightening. I have seen eyebolts used in rigging applications, carrying large loads, being used incorrectly; they are sometimes used on pick-up trucks as attachments for safety […]


ANSWER: This lifting beam has a few flaws as noted below: It is bent from an overload or off center pick. It has no visible markings. Per ASME B30.20 all below the hook lifters shall have marks including manufacturer identification, capacity, serial number & the weight of the beam. Also remember, below the hook lifting […]

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