Benefits of the Short Handle CM Series 653

Benefits of the Short Handle CM Series 653


Our customer asks: “Why did you develop a CM Series 653 ratchet lever hoist with a shorter handle? What are the advantages of the shorter handle?”

Answer:  We are continuously looking to improve existing products. The main reason why we redesigned our lever hoist with a shorter handle was to facilitate usage in confined spaces, a highly sought after feature. Other advantages offered by a shorter handle include:

  • Reduced weight of the overall hoist, making it even easier to carry and operate;
  • Allows the operator to take full advantage of the 360 degree rotating handle with less worry of obstructions;
  • Easier to fit and maneuver in confined spaces.



Download a brochure of our 653 Lever Hoist to learn more about one of the most nimble hoists on the market today.


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