Can hoist hooks be repaired?

Can hoist hooks be repaired?

LodestarHook During my training sessions, I am frequently asked if hoist hooks can be repaired if they are damaged or broken. OSHA and ASME regulations provide specific requirements for hoist hook repair to help answer this question.

According to OSHA 1910.179 (L)(3)(iii)(A), hook repairs by welding or reshaping are not generally recommended. If such repairs are attempted they shall be done under competent supervision and the hook shall be load tested before further use.

While OSHA 1910.179 specifically pertains to a crane with top-running girders and top-running trolleys, it states that hook repair is allowed under certain conditions.

On the other hand, ASME B-30.10 Section 10-1.3 (d) states that “attachments, such as handles, latch supports, etc. shall not be welded to a finished hook in field applications. If welding of an attachment such as these is required, it shall be done in manufacturing or fabrication prior to any required final heat treatment.”

So the question remains, can hoist hooks be repaired?

Typically hoist hooks are forgings processed from hot-rolled alloy steel blanks of medium carbon content, such as grade AISI 4140. Hooks can be used in the “as forged” condition or further enhanced by thermal processing (heat treatment). Although fatigue strength improves with heat treatment, there is a resulting loss of ductility and elongation.

A repair that involves welding or any kind of heat treatment can affect the strength and ratings of a hook and therefore is not recommended.

Keep in mind, when a hook is damaged or broken, it can be an indicator that the hoist was overloaded, in which case the entire unit should be inspected for other damages.

In addition to referencing OSHA and ANSI requirements for hook repair, we also recommend that you always contact the manufacturer before making any questionable repairs on their products.

For more information on this topic, check out our Pre-operational Hoist Inspection video.

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Perry Bishop

Perry Bishop is a Technical Trainer for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

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10 Replies to “Can hoist hooks be repaired?”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. In this situation, we recommend replacing the chain.
    Our grade 80 and 100 chains lose up to 15% Of their working load limit when exposed to temperatures around 500 degrees.


  2. I left chain hoist (come-along) hanging 6 inches away from a furnace with temperatures above 450° in that area…has it been compromised?

  3. Thanks for the question Jeff. I followed up with Perry on this and he said that heating up the nut will weaken the shank of the hook. If you heat it, you will have to replace the components.

  4. Can the nut supporting a hook be heated to help removing the hook, this particular hook has been outdoors in the weather for about 10 years and is a bit rusty.

  5. Hi Roy,

    A weld splatter is roughly 2000 degrees when it sticks to whatever object it lands on. Hooks are forged to bend when placed in an overload situation. When a weld splatter makes contact and sticks to the hook, that metal is now brittle and will not bend in an overload situation. It MAY ultimately break now because the forging process has been modified.

    I recommend the hook be replaced because of this. $3000.00 dollars is a wise investment to ensure the safety of your fellow employees.


  6. We had a full crane inspection by a reputable contractor , our 5 ton overhead crane, there was some mig weld spatter on a portion of our lift hook, what
    is the best fix? there are no signs of tear or stretch , do we have to replace?
    can a spay of spatter really effect the metallurgical integrity of the hook enough
    to require replacement ? just want a professional answer before I spend just under 3000 for a replacement. Thank you Roy

  7. Hi John,
    Thanks for posting your inquiry on our blog. We are closed for the weekend but will phone you first thing on Monday morning. If you can please let me know the state where you live, I can better direct your request to the right people. Thanks for reaching out to us!

  8. need a new hook for 3/4 ton lever hoist. serial number B40480F. call me at 319-269-0145.

  9. Would like to order upper hook for 3/4 ton lever handle hoist. serial number b40480f. can call me at 319- 269-0145.

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