Sales Tips

This is a great opportunity for Modex (Atlanta, GA February 6-8, 2012) attendees to learn more about our recently-launched products. Our “Shop Talk” presentations and hands-on demonstrations are hosted by CMCO product experts who will walk you through the key features of our spotlighted products, and will show you their benefits.  CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist […]


LOSTPED: what in the world is that? If you google the word, it thinks you really want Lostpedia. But what it really stands for is a method to ask intelligent questions to your customer to get the main details on an application. The story starts with a previous position of mine where we manufactured and […]


Traveling around Europe on their train system is a great way to do some reflective thinking.  Each day we go to work.  Some days we may go through the motions of watching the clock. On other days we look at the clock and we wonder where the time went as our “to do list” went […]