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Wrap-up from the Recent WSTDA Meeting

Wrap-up from the Recent WSTDA Meeting

wstda-logo1 I recently attended the spring meeting of the WSTDA, (Web Sling Tie Down Association) in Fort Myers, FL. The meeting was comprised of web sling & tie down manufacturers, distributors & end users, a typical cross-section of its membership. Here are some of the highlights:

WSTDA Performs its Own Testing

One of the interesting things about the WSTDA is they will conduct their own testing. Samples are anonymously supplied to the testing committee, marked X, Y, Z & set up for testing. The results are shared by the committee with the membership at these meetings. The important thing about the results is that they guide the committees in formulating an industry recommendation. These recommendations are very important because the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) can use them to potentially sideline a truck for improper tie downs or OSHA can use them to cite a company for improper use of a sling. There are currently a number of these types of tests taking place; we anticipate that the results will be distributed at a future meeting.

Role of the WSTDA Committee

Over the years materials and the way things are done have changed. Therefore, some of the previous recommendations that WSTDA has made need to be updated. This is another issue that the various committees take on –  the updating of WSTDA’s recommendations.

Synthetic slings are being used more & more and are being asked to lift ever-increasing capacities. This is why this organization is so very important. The WSTDA, based on their testing results, will print recommendations that other organizations, such as ASME, CVSA & FMCSA will reference.

Newly-Developed Load Binders Used With Chain Tie Downs Standard Released

The WSTDA is pleased to announce the recent publication of its newly-developed Recommended Standard Specification for Load Binders Used With Chain Tie Downs. The standard applies to load binders designed to accommodate chain tie downs for the purpose of securing cargo. This standard recommends construction as well as identification and marking of these load binders. In addition, it gives important practical advice on use, maintenance and inspection of these binders.

The WSTDA is a non-profit, technical association dedicated to the development and promotion of voluntary recommended standards and associated reference materials. Members of the WSTDA include manufacturers and suppliers of synthetic web slings and tie downs, polyester roundslings, synthetic webbing, fibers, thread and related components.

For more information, contact WSTDA at (443) 640-1070 or

Henry Brozyna

Henry Brozyna is a Corporate Trainer specializing in Rigging & Load Securement for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

NACM Position on Tagging of Chain Tie-Downs

NACM Position on Tagging of Chain Tie-Downs


As provided by the NACM Technical Committee on May 2, 2011

The NACM  (National Association of Chain Manufacturers) has been asked to provide its position on the need to add additional tagging to tie-down assemblies due to some apparent confusion in Canada.

The Canadian National Safety Code for Motor Vehicles released Standard 10 – Cargo Securement (September 2010, effective January 1, 2011). There is no requirement for, or even mention of, additional tagging of chain tie-downs. Instead, the opposite is true. The Standard states that “A chain that is marked by the manufacturer in accordance with the table of Working Load Limits under Part 4 – Section 7 has a working load limit equal to the amount shown for the grade and size.” Section 7 lists the NACM Welded Steel Chain Specifications as the reference document, and lists the grade indicators contained in the NACM specification in the table. Excerpts from this standard are included below.

This is also in agreement with the similar United States Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration Part 393 Regulations Subpart I, Protection against shifting and falling cargo,  Sections 393.100 through 393.136. There are no requirements for separate tagging of chain tie-down assemblies.

Based on the above and below references, as well as the complete absence of any specification that requires additional tagging, it is the NACM position that additional tagging is not required for chain tie-down assemblies in either Canada or the United States.


Canadian National Safety Code for Motor Vehicles, Standard 10: Cargo Securement, September 2010, Effective 1/1/2011


Part 2 – General Provisions, Division 3 – Requirement for Cargo Securement Systems



Part 4 – Manufacturing Standards, Section 7 – Chain Assemblies

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