Chester Hoist Develops Hand Chain Hoist for Demanding Customer Application

Chester Hoist Develops Hand Chain Hoist for Demanding Customer Application

Chester Hoist application

Chester Hoist, a Columbus McKinnon brand, specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality, custom-made hoists for unique and challenging applications. So, when our customer came to us with a special need for a hand chain hoist to raise and move large rolls, Chester Hoist was put to the task.

The customer had a long list of specific requirements that the hoist needed to meet. Requirements included:

  • 4-point pickup hand chain hoist with an incorporated hand geared trolley to run inside of 5” channels
  • Hook spacing that had to be 12” perpendicular to the runway and spaced to accommodate the 12” diameter roll parallel to the runway
  • 42” hand wheel extensions on the trolley and hoist mechanism
  • The ability to time all four hooks to raise simultaneously
  • Chain containers
  • 13” maximum headroom

To meet these requirements, our Chester Hoist engineering team started with a standard 4-plate low head and severely modified the unit. The real challenge the team faced was coming up with suitable hook spacing and to run the hooks in opposite directions with a single hoist mechanism.

Chester Hoist application

The trolley and hoist hand wheels were mounted on a separate support trolley located 30.5” outside the hoist trolley channels.

Special gearing and sheave arrangements were added to the modified low-headroom hoist. Because of low operating height, the customer also required special guards over the gearing. The Chester team fabricated special shields to fit between the outboard and inboard side plates to guard the gearing arrangement.

To achieve the 13” headroom within the compact design, a special roller chain trolley drive was incorporated into the unit.

When the custom engineering was complete, the team provided the customer with a hoist that met all of their requirements and could be used to raise and move large rolls for their application.

Chester Hoist specializes in developing specially engineered products for unique applications ranging from low headroom manual hoists for military applications to spark-resistant hoist and trolley combinations for use on offshore oil platforms. Let us know how we can help you with your application!


Joe Runyon

Joe Runyon is a Vertical Market Specialist for Oil & Gas at Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

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2 Replies to “Chester Hoist Develops Hand Chain Hoist for Demanding Customer Application”

  1. Brad – We take pride in our ability and willingness to help customers with their most challenging lifting applications, and so we really appreciate your positive feedback recognizing these efforts.

    As for the cost, naturally with a one off design such as this we had some engineering costs involved. However to help minimize the cost for our customer, we focused on utilizing as many existing parts and stock materials as possible. Compared to the customer’s other options, our equipment turned out to be a safe and cost effective solution.


  2. This is a genious design. You gotta give the customers what they want! Did it cost a lot to develop this for your customers?
    Brad E

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