CIC Advanced Rigger Practical Examiner Workshop

CIC Advanced Rigger Practical Examiner Workshop


CIC Advanced Rigger Certification helps companies comply with OSHA’s requirement that Riggers be qualified for the tasks being performed. Large and more complex lifts require the skills of an advanced rigger, which is ensured by a CIC practical exam. Become a CIC Practical Examiner by attending this workshop!

When: August 30-31, 2011

Location: Columbus McKinnon, Amherst, NY

Instructor: Mike Parnell

Workshop Agenda

Day 1 – August 30, 2011

  • Site set-up for loads, rigging and test area
  • CIC exam Handbook and field set-up
  • Site Coordinator/Practical Examiner Responsibilities
  • Hands on training giving Adv. Rigger Practical Exams

Day 2 – August 31, 2011

  • Use Examination Forms
  • Learn Rater Reliablity Process
  • Review CIC Examiner Handbook
  • Take Examiner Written Exam

Workshop Fee: $695 per person

To register, call Peter Cooke with Columbus McKinnon at 1-800-888-0985, ext 540 or e-mail Peter at


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Peter Cooke

Peter Cooke is a former Training Manager for Columbus McKinnon Corporation, having specialized in Rigging & Load Securement.

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2 Replies to “CIC Advanced Rigger Practical Examiner Workshop”

  1. Jay — Thank you very much for your kind words. How great to hear that your training with our team was so successful. We really appreciate the positive feedback!

  2. CONGRATS GUYS!!!!! This is why you guys are the best in the world when it comes to training. I hope other companies attend your training to find this out like Apache Sales Inc. Rigging and Crane Inspectors have. Keep up the good work CM. Look forward to more training from you and the others Pete.

    Best of luck!

    Jay Pinson
    Apache Sales Inc.

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