Columbus McKinnon Adds Raised Lettering Pads to its Shackles

Columbus McKinnon Adds Raised Lettering Pads to its Shackles

CM shackles, sizes ½” through 1-1/2”, (including alloy, industrial, and Super Strong chain and anchor shackles) now feature a raised pad that allows customers to add their own lettering for improved shackle identification and tracking. This pad is the approved area for anyshackle identification lettering that customers would like to add to the product.

The recommended marking methods are:

  • Engraving with a vibrating engraver
  • Engraving with a dot matrix engraver
  • Stamping with rounded face lettering

When using either method, a shallow, low- stress mark with rounded edges should be made. Heat should never be used in the process of marking any CMCO product.

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shackle identificationWarning!
Improper use or care of rigging products can result in bodily injury or property damage. To avoid injury, read all warnings and instructions and always use proper rigging practices.

Peter Cooke

Peter Cooke is a former Training Manager for Columbus McKinnon Corporation, having specialized in Rigging & Load Securement.

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