CM Man Guard Hoist Addresses Environmental Concerns for Material Handling

CM Man Guard Hoist Addresses Environmental Concerns for Material Handling

We are proud to promote our newly designed CM Man Guard Electric Chain Hoist in capacities from 1/4 to 3 tons.  The hoist boasts numerous features that set it apart from other hoists in CM Man Guardthis category:


  • The real benefit is less energy consumption required to operate the hoist as compared to its competitive counterparts. The CM Man Guard is more economical to operate while providing an environmentally friendly hoist alternative.
  • The CM Man Guard overload clutch prevents lifting beyond load capacity, ultimately protecting the hoist or supporting structure and preventing potential injury to the operator.
  • All CM Man Guard hoists feature an open design which allows for quick access to the brake and wiring for easy maintenance and adjustments.
  • Following in the footsteps of the popular Lodestar, the CM Man Guard comes standard with a heavy duty AC disk brake, precision gearing and efficient electric hoist motors that are precisely designed for each speed and capacity.
  • The CM Man Guard comes with single speed or variable frequency drive as standard features, with most units in stock ready to ship. The rigid hook mounting (standard) is interchangeable to other mounting options (sold separately).

Want to learn more? Click here to download our CM Man Guard product brochure.

This post was written by Joshua Karczewski, former Distributor Marketing & Product Launch Manager for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

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3 Replies to “CM Man Guard Hoist Addresses Environmental Concerns for Material Handling”

  1. Bob – Thanks for your comment. The CM ManGuard has the following attributes which distinguish it from the Yale KELC:

    – Metric rating, as standard.
    – Zinc Plated Load chain, as standard.
    – No two speed offering.
    – VFD offering that is 3-step infinitely variable, as standard.
    – Rigid hook included, as standard
    – Chain container included
    – 10′,15’and 20′ units in stock in the warehouse available for immediate delivery.
    – CM style robust pendant station, as standard.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. Are there any real differences between the Yale KELC and the CM Man Guard? I have been told by some with CM that the Man Guard uses a new pocket wheel, and different load chain. I find that hard to believe, but they are suppose to be the experts. Please confirm.

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