CM ShopStar Brings Speed and Safety to Stewart-Haas Racing Team

CM ShopStar Brings Speed and Safety to Stewart-Haas Racing Team

If you follow NASCAR then there’s no doubt you are familiar with Stewart-Haas Racing – the title-winning NASCAR Spring Cup Series team made up of Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman and Danica Patrick.

But did you know that Stewart-Haas Racing relies on CM ShopStar electric chain hoists to build and repair their cars? To find out more about how they’re using the ShopStar, Ken Tilson, CMCO Product Manager – Powered Chain Hoists, and I took a trip to their headquarters in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

Stewart-Haas Racing utilizes an overhead crane system featuring six CM ShopStar electric chain hoists that are paired over three car-assembly areas to position NASCAR design templates onto cars under construction in their primary garage. An additional single CM ShopStar with 500 lb. capacity is used in their Research and Development Area.1-ShopStar

Why did they choose the CM ShopStar?
In the past, the Stewart-Haas crew used a common electric wire rope winch mounted to a mobile A-frame gantry to lift and position their car design templates. That system had slow lifting speeds and an unreliable brake that made this process both tedious and dangerous for the crew. The team converted to the CM ShopStar for its speed, dependability and dual braking system to make the process more efficient and safe.

To learn more about CM’s involvement with Stewart-Haas Racing, check out the full case study or view our video online.

Special thanks to the entire team at Stewart-Haas Racing for the opportunity to tour their facility and the time they took to show us how they are using our product.
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