Magnetek, Inc. Helps Repair Drawbridge Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

Magnetek, Inc. Helps Repair Drawbridge Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

Corrosion from Hurricane Sandy
The corrosion caused by Hurricane Sandy was evident on the brakes nearly five years after the brakes were submerged in saltwater.
Refurbished Shoe Brakes
Refurbished 300M Mill Duty AC Thruster Shoe Brakes waiting for shipment back to New York City.

Nearly five years after Hurricane Sandy, the second-costliest hurricane in United States history, cities along the eastern seaboard continue to discover – and repair – the damage inflicted on their infrastructure by the Category 3 storm. Recently, Magnetek, Inc. had the opportunity to help mend some of the hurricane’s long-term damage by rebuilding industrial brakes used in the operation of a four-lane drawbridge that spans a busy navigation channel in New York City.

Rainfall totals reached up to 10 inches across the region in 2012, causing a storm surge of nearly 14 feet. The rapid influx of seawater flooded the bridge’s mechanical room, submerging and contaminating critical systems required to control the bascule bridge structure. The introduction of
saltwater accelerated the destructive impact of corrosion on the bridges’ mechanical systems.

Magnetek was called in to repair and refurbish 16 storm-damaged 300M Mill Duty AC Thruster Shoe Brakes used to operate the bridge. While at Magnetek’s facility in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, the brakes were inspected and dismantled before being reassembled with new hardware, shoes and actuators. The rebuilding process returned the brakes to like-new condition, including a new “safety orange” paint job. The service team at Magnetek completed the job in record time in order to restore traffic flow to boats and commuters in the New York City region.

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