Maintenance Challenge: How many things can you find wrong with this picture?

Maintenance Challenge: How many things can you find wrong with this picture?

11-11-11 What is wrong

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Response #1:  The most noticeable defect is that the chain guide is worn considerably on one side which suggests side loading and it has worn so extremely that it is eating its way through the casing. There is also a hole in the casing on the opposite side and the chain looks like it hasn’t been lubricated in a while.

A. Davis

Response #2: I found these 4 things on the picture:

  • Chain seems dry (no lubrication)
  • Chain is not star marked but made by RUD
  • Housing is broken
  • Chain guide is worn on the loose end of the chain, housing worn on the same place (Why on that side? How and why made the chain that hole? Is it because the free chain wasn’t long enough (less than 24 inches) and the short chain blocked and closed up?)

T. Gergerly

Response #3:  Well let’s start with the obvious problems and work things out from there. 

1.        End user has been operating the hoist in a manner in which that it appears that a severe side load has been applied for long periods of time. 

2.       There is extensive damage to the chain guide and hoist housing.   Looking at the lack of damage to the chain compared to the damage to the hoist body, this chain is fairly new.    I see a 3 digit date code on the chain, but I cannot see the star code.  At this time I am going to assume that it is there and this is a proper loadstar chain.  This is something that I would check though.  The load chain is dry – no lubrication on it at all.  You can see the starting of corrosion building up on some of the links.  

3.       If you look in the upper right hand corner of the picture you see what appears to be a hammer link inside of the load chain run.  Splicing two load chains together.  One appears to be smaller but that may be a trick of the optics from the picture.  They definitely are two different load chains though.

4.       I would question the lift wheel.  I would be very surprised if it has not sustained damage from this event. Also the loadstar protector. 

In conclusion with the scaring on the other side of the case and the fact that this is on the dead leg side and not the working side of the hoist, keeping in mind that with the entertainment hoist they do use the dead end as a load side upon occasion.   I am going to say that use of the hammer link(whatever it is) in the chain path is what caused the damage to the hoist.  The lower limit was not set to keep it from “tube” locking on the frame of the hoist. 

L. Collobert

Dave Carmack

Dave is a Product Trainer for our CM Entertainment Division. Other credentials include being an ETCP Recognized Trainer & IATSE TTF Recommended Trainer.

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