When Your Chain Sling Tag is Missing

When Your Chain Sling Tag is Missing

chain sling tagNorris, a CMCO distributor sales representative, and recent safety webinar attendee, asked the following question about chain sling inspection:

If the tag is missing upon inspection, can the chain sling be retagged for service without knowing the original sling length?

Henry Brozyna, CMCO trainer and safety webinar presenter, answers:

No. If the chain sling tag is missing, there is no way an inspector can verify the true length of the sling, which is required for checking to ensure the sling has not been elongated.

When the frequent or pre-use inspections are being done by the rigger, it should have been communicated that the tag was in bad shape. This way, a new tag could have been made available while the original one was still in place.

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Additional reference:  Missing Chain Sling ID Tags: Who is to Blame?

Henry Brozyna

Henry Brozyna is a Corporate Trainer specializing in Rigging & Load Securement for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

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  1. Good seminar….I thought that a chain sling ID tag could be replaced if the know sling was identified and the original sling certification could be found and matched to that sling.

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