Mobile test rig enhances safety of South African mines


by  on March 23, 2010


This month our Global Traveler heads to South Africa, where a mobile test rig is used by our distributor to test chain hoists and slings at various mine sites. There is a charge for this service and it is deemed to be a valuable contribution to the safety of their mines. On set days the testing team visits a mine site and tests all the chain hoists and slings in the rigger’s stores. If any are found to have inadequate brakes or minor defects, they are usually repaired on site and retested. If a major repair is required, the hoist is sent to the distributor for repair. Comprehensive records are compiled for each item for the mine and these are kept on site.

Today’s Global Traveler feature was provided by Roger Day, the Managing Director of our facility in Westmead, South Africa.