New CM Lodestar Hoist Addresses Maintenance Downtime for Plants

New CM Lodestar Hoist Addresses Maintenance Downtime for Plants

Industrial Lodestar We are proud to announce our newly designed CM Lodestar® Electric Chain Hoist in capacities from 1/8 to 3 tons. Lodestar – iconic in name and legendary in performance – is recognized as the standard in the overhead lifting industry. Generations of users have relied on the Lodestar electric chain hoist for consistent operation throughout its long service life. With a history of unsurpassed performance and over a million units sold, the next generation of Lodestar continues this legacy.

The hoist boasts numerous features that set it apart from other hoists in this category:

  • The real benefit is less maintenance required through a Heavy-Duty DC brake for long service life, a lifetime grease-lubricated Gear Box eliminating the need for oil changes and a clutch outside the gear box for easy access and reduced downtime.
  • Easier access – the hoist boasts finger-safe wiring and plug-and-play connectors in an open design; allowing for quick voltage change and access to terminal strips and simple fuse installation.
  • The CM Lodestar is quieter – a full 80% sound reduction as compared to the Classic Lodestar
  • Clutch placement outside the load path not only prevents slipping of the load in an overload condition, but makes it easy to access.  This quick access helps reduce hoist downtime.
  • The CM Lodestar comes standard with a fabric chain container and a rigid hook suspension.
  • Features a LIFETIME WARRANTY and is Made in the USA.
  • Eco-friendly – no disposing of hazardous oils after oil change, RoHS compliant and shipped in recycled material boxes.

This post was written by Joshua Karczewski, former Distributor Marketing & Product Launch Manager for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

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