New CM Shackle Markings and Pins Lead to Improved Operator Safety


by  on June 17, 2013

Over the past few weeks and months, our Chattanooga, Tennessee Forge Operations has been working vigorously to improve product quality and deliveries. As you have seen with our In-Stock Guarantee, we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality products in the market, stocking over 275 of our most popular chain and forged rigging attachment products and guaranteeing to ship them in 3 business days.

We have some changes in progress which will result in even higher quality shackles. These changes include larger CM shackle markings and a new shackle pin design.

CM shackle markings

Enhanced Shackle Identification Markings

The forged identification markings on our CM shackles will be the largest and most user-friendly on the market.  Some of the benefits of the larger and more legible lettering are:

CM shackle markings

Old Shackle Size

CM shackle markings

New Shackle Size

Improved operator safety by reducing the risk of users misreading or not being able to read important size and WLL information.

Reduction in replacement costs by decreasing necessary out-of-service issues due to worn and illegible identification.

Easier identification of the product as a CM shackle with a larger CM logo forged into the side.

CM shackle markings

Old Shackle Logo

CM shackle markings

New Shackle Logo

Over time, all CM shackles will have this improved marking.

New Pins

We are also changing the shackle pins on our Screw Pin Anchor shackles (SPA) to provide more efficient thread fitting inside and outside of the shackle.

CM shackle marking

New High Strength Pin

Both the Enhanced ID Markings and the New Pins will be running changes. Once we have depleted our existing shackle inventory, we will begin shipping these new shackles.

Keep your eyes open for these new shackles to hit the market soon!

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