Our Answer to this week’s post: What is wrong with this picture?

Our Answer to this week’s post: What is wrong with this picture?

This photo and explanation have been provided by our guest blogger, Lou Collobert, from Independent Electric. Lou is a CMCO Certified Hoist Repair Technician. 

Thank you everyone for your comments!  Here is the answer to our challenge question:

  • The trolley or carrier has been modified to accommodate the hoist’s suspension hook. This is an alteration of the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s design.
  • The modified “suspension plate” is severely worn at the contact point with the hoist’s suspension hook.

This modification is likely not in compliance with ASME B30.11-1.3.4, regarding welding standards and qualifications or ASME B30.11-1.3.5, which addresses modifications of under hung cranes and monorails.

Because the wear of the “suspension plate” is so severe, this would likely be cited under the OSHA General Duty Clause, Section 5 (a)(1).  

In this case, the customer decided that repair of the trolley was not feasible and replaced the unit with a new one.   This is another example of why it is important that crane and hoist owners, operators and maintenance personnel are fully aware of the standards as they apply to equipment modifications and workplace safety.

Thank you, Lou, for submitting our challenge question and answer!

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