Tips for Rigging with Eye Bolts

Tips for Rigging with Eye Bolts

Jubal, an entertainment rigger from Local One IATSE and recent safety webinar attendee, asked the following rigging question about eye bolts:

“Is it necessary to use only one washer when securing eye bolts or can the washers be stacked if necessary?”

Peter Cooke, Columbus McKinnon Training Manager and Safety Webinar Presenter, answers:

If more than one washer is necessary, the eyebolt may need to be turned to align with the rigging. Please see the example below.

eye bolts
A shim can be added to reposition the orientation of the eyebolt. Most importantly, you must maintain proper engagement or tightness. A shim can vary in thickness depending on how you need to align the eyebolt, as when a 3/8  eyebolt with 16 thread per inch is used.  With 16 threads per inch, one turn would relate to .062” of movement into the mounting plate. If we divide this by 4 to get .0156” for our shim, the result will be a change in rotational position of the eyebolt of 90 degrees, which can be used as a reference dimension for adjusting the spacer on the eyebolt to achieve the proper orientation with the load.

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Peter Cooke

Peter Cooke is a former Training Manager for Columbus McKinnon Corporation, having specialized in Rigging & Load Securement.

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