Solving tough Applications for More than a Century

Solving tough Applications for More than a Century

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Having some of the most recognized brands and products in the industry does not happen overnight. At Columbus McKinnon, users have relied on quality products and expertise for 135-years. From the days of horse and buggies to supplying key products for the aerospace industry, thousands of applications have utilized a Columbus McKinnon product for reliability. This ad for Budgit Electric Chain Hoists showcases features that were of utmost importance to users from small repair shops to farms decades ago.

With hoists, actuators, cranes, etc., installed all over the world, user stories arrive regularly. One of the most recent ones came to us from Bill Whittle of Riverside, Missouri. Bill was doing some cleaning for a friend and came upon this cover of a four-ton Cyclone Hoist dated 1905. He looked up Columbus McKinnon online and was soon swapping stories with Sharon Gallagher in our customer service department. Practically in pristine condition, the Cyclone cover arrived to our Amherst, New York, headquarters within days. No internal components, but that’s likely due to them still being in use today!



This post was written by Rob Beightol, former Director of Marketing Communications for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

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