ASME B30.26

        Hook tip loading is a common problem. While reading through one of our catalogs, Brian ran across our instructions and asked the following question,  “What does it mean to never insert a hook tip?” Peter answers: Hooks typically do not fit into an eyebolt or they don’t seat properly in the […]

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Below are a few ASME updates that we thought you might find helpful: On Jan 18, 2011, ASME B30.9-2010  Slings became available for the public to purchase.  The latest revision covers safe care along with the use and inspection of alloy chains, synthetic slings, wire rope and metal mesh slings. Past and current revisions of […]


Bill asks the following question about shackles and shackle pin length: “I have a concerned employee because we have some screw pin shackles with pins that do not protrude past the clevis when fully engaged. I have looked in several rigging books and cannot find any information on the threaded pin. We have other shackles from […]


S. H. from Georgia writes: I am unfamiliar with the standards governing shackles and have a question regarding the stamped WLL on your shackles. Our company is using shackles with different ratings on them.  For example, we use a ½” shackle stamped a 2T WLL and a ½” shackle stamped with a 3T WLL.  I […]