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Yale Cable King Hoist Helps Turn Grapes Into Wine

Yale Cable King Hoist Helps Turn Grapes Into Wine

Winery Hoist 1

The Wine Industry may seem like a glamorous business, but taking a grape from the vineyard and transforming it into your favorite wine is no easy feat. Just ask HECO Pacific Manufacturing.

HECO is a California-based crane manufacturing company that specializes in the production of turnkey winery hoist systems. HECO has built systems for some of the largest wineries in California and Washington. Their standard configurations range from 5 to 10 ton capacity and come with HECO’s trolley system. These systems utilize our heavy-duty Yale Cable King wire rope hoists together with a right angle mounted trolley with modifications for outdoor service.

Winery Hoist 2 Winery Hoist 3

The Application
So how are these systems being used? HECO’s winery hoisting systems are used to move large vats of freshly picked grapes to the crushing machine. Once in place, the hoists are used to tilt the vat and pour the grapes into the crushing mechanism. This is no easy task – just look at the size!

Knowing your Environment
At Columbus McKinnon, we often speak about the importance of knowing the environment where your product is used. These systems are being used outdoors in an earthquake-prone area, which can make for unique operating conditions. HECO knows these conditions well and designed its systems to meet the latest Seismic Zone 4 requirements (for earthquakes) as well as ANSI B 30.11 safety standards.

We are always on the search for unique applications like this one where our products are being used. Please contact me if you have an application story to share.

Gisela Clark

Gisela Clark is an eMarketing Specialist for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

How to Choose Hoists & Cranes for Offshore Applications

How to Choose Hoists & Cranes for Offshore Applications

Proper selection and specification of hoists, cranes and rigging hardware is always essential to safe overhead lifting, but in no environment is this more critical than on offshore oil and gas facilities.

In offshore oil and gas applications, there is a higher potential for flammable gases to be present. Therefore it is extremely important that proper safety precautions are taken to protect workers aboard these vessels and prevent equipment damage. It is important that the individuals responsible for specifying and purchasing material handling equipment for use in these environments can properly identify any hazardous locations or areas per the U.S. National Electric Code (NFPA 70), IEC Standard 60079, and other applicable local, national and international standards to ensure compliance with these regulations and safe operation. Additionally, the use of mechanically spark-resistant materials should be strongly considered, although these materials are not specifically addressed within many of the referenced standards.

In the absence of a definitive industry standard specifying what constitutes spark-resistant construction for hoists and cranes, it is frequently left to the knowledge and discretion of the seller to determine what materials will be used unless the purchaser designates specific requirements. If not clearly defined in the bid specification, the product and spark-resistant features provided often depend on the sourcing channels utilized by the end user.

Columbus McKinnon manufactures many products specifically designed for applications that require spark-resistant features. Our diverse, made in-America portfolio of hoists and trolleys are built to suit, rather than a mass produced “one size fits all” approach. Many of the products lend themselves to modification and substitution of materials that allows us to configure our hoists and trolleys to the specific application.

  • Chester Hoist products utilize solid spark-resistant materials such as bronze hooks, trolley wheels and brake ratchets as well as stainless steel load chain, hand chain and hook latches. In some cases it is necessary to use nickel-diffused chains or copper-plated hooks due to headroom constraints or to reduce costs for equipment that will be used infrequently or in temporary applications. In these cases, Chester also can provide plated components to reduce costs. For equipment that is relied on heavily and is required to maintain spark and corrosion-resistant qualities for the life of the equipment, we actively promote the lasting protection of solid spark and corrosion-resistant materials rather than plated components. 
Explosion Proof Cable King Hoist
Explosion Proof Global King Hoist



  • Yale Cable King wire rope hoists can be supplied in a wide range of capacities, lifting speeds and configurations with both spark and explosion resistance. The Cable King is  available in a spark-resistant pneumatic model and an explosion-proof electric model, for Class 1, Division 1 or 2, Group C & D; and Class 2, Division 1 or 2, Group E, F & G.

Special consideration should also be given to the environmental conditions at the work site, including temperature extremes, humidity, corrosive atmospheres and the potential for dynamic loading due to vessel motion. Special materials, testing, material certifications and design modifications may be required to ensure safe operation and minimal down time of lifting equipment. Additional factors such as headroom clearance, end approach, frequency of use and the availability of utilities (electricity, compressed air) must also be considered.

Reading and understanding applicable safety standards and consulting with experienced and reputable manufacturers are two important steps in ensuring operator and facility safety when selecting hoists, cranes and rigging hardware for offshore applications.

Interested in learning more about Explosion Proof vs. Spark Resistant Hoists?
Check out our recent Safety Webinar.

Columbus McKinnon is a leading designer and manufacturer of hoists, cranes and rigging hardware for offshore environments. With a long history in the industry, we have years of experience working on offshore applications, their unique challenges  and specifying the best products suited to harsh environments. Our Chester and Yale products have been used in these applications for decades and are relied on by end users around the world.

Joe Runyon

Joe Runyon is a Vertical Market Specialist for Oil & Gas at Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

Expect the Unexpected at ProMat 2013

Expect the Unexpected at ProMat 2013

With ProMat 2013 starting this week, we want to give everyone an idea of what they can expect to see at Columbus McKinnon Booth #1838.

First off, expect the unexpected. We’ll be unveiling our most interactive and tech-savvy booth ever. Designed to showcase our brands and innovative products and services, our guests will have the opportunity to participate in a number of hands-on demonstrations and displays.

Guests will get a sneak peek at a ton of soon-to-be-launched products, including:

  • CM Universal Trolley (UT). Our most flexible hoist trolley ever.
    The UT can be used with virtually every CMCO electric and air chain
    hoist up to 3-ton capacity, and can fit on various beam widths.
  • CM Bandit. Our lightest and most compact ratchet lever hoist ever!
    This rugged hoist is ideal for applications even in the tightest workspaces. Guests can test drive the Bandit, lift a load and check out its great free-chaining feature.
  • CM Lodestar 2 Ton Single Reeved electric chain hoist features better headroom and less chain weight; but you can see it and try it for yourself.
  • CTP adjustable trolley clamp is a heavy duty, yet economical, trolley designed for easy installation and superior strength. No tools are required
    to move and adjust the CTP to a variety of different sized beams.
  • Ergo Pendant Station for CMCO electric chain hoists. See its ergonomic design — developed in partnership with The Ohio State University — feel how comfortably it fits in your hand while you work the legendary CMCO rocker style push button switch.

It doesn’t end there. A number of popular recently-launched products will also be at ProMat, including:


  • Yale Global King Wire Rope Hoist. Discover what’s new with this world-class hoist, from Quick Ship units and the 3-year standard warranty to explosion-proof options.
  • Dixie Industries Sixth Wheel Ratchet. The patented ergonomic solution for the hazardous task of lowering tractor trailer landing gear. Come by, try it for yourself, and discover how this innovative design can prevent injuries.
  • CM Hurricane 360˚ hand chain hoist will be featured in the “Drifting Challenge.” Test your material handling skills and see first-hand how easy it is to drift a load with the Hurricane 360˚— seeing and doing is believing.
  • CM Lodestar Cutaway will allow guests to see the inter-workings of an operational Lodestar electric chain hoist. It’s a rare opportunity to see under the cover of a superior design in action.
  • Our new hands-on Rigging Display lets you get up close to discover the craftsmanship and engineering forged into all our rigging products. While you’re there, check out some application photos on the digital display.

If you’re at ProMat you won’t be able to miss our new soaring Video Tower featuring the latest product visuals and on-demand product and training information. Lastly, register for a chance to win a seat in a CMCO Training Class of your choice in 2013. Stop by and ask for all the details.

At Columbus McKinnon, we engineer and build innovative material handling products for people and businesses that care about quality, safety, and having the right tools for their applications. Our presence and product offering on display at ProMat 2013 is proof of that. Discover us at Booth #1838.

Gary Krypel

Gary Krypel is the Marketing Communications Manager for Columbus McKinnon.

Yale Global King Now Available with Explosion Proof Options

Yale Global King Now Available with Explosion Proof Options

Global Wire Rope Hoist Explosion Proof Columbus McKinnon has a long history of supplying equipment for use in hazardous environments. We just launched our newest entry into this market:  the Yale Global King Explosion-Proof Wire Rope Hoist designed to meet Division 2, Class I, Groups B, C & D requirements where flammable gases, vapors and liquids are present.

Explosion-Proof Classifications & Environments
To someone relatively unfamiliar with Explosion-Proof classifications & environments, their requirements can be a little confusing and are often misconstrued. The first thing to remember about explosion-proof hoists is they are not really explosion-proof at all, but rather designed with modifications to contain explosions or flames without igniting the surrounding environment.

In North America, almost all explosion-proof hoists are built per classifications outlined by the National Electric Code under the categories of Division, Class & Group. Please refer to our brochure for complete information on the features of the Yale Global King Explosion-Proof Wire Rope Hoist as well as a breakdown of the Division 2, Class I, Groups B, C & D environments.

Mechanical spark-resistant features are often misidentified as being part of the requirements for explosion-proof hoists. That’s not really the case at all. When defining its requirements for electrical equipment used in hazardous environments, the National Electric Code does not refer to mechanical spark-resistant features. These features would have to be specifically referenced, in addition to the explosion-proof modifications, if they are required. It is the responsibility of the user and the local governing authority to determine what type of hazardous location is present and if mechanical spark-resistant features are also required. In some cases, mechanical spark-resistance might be deemed necessary, but there are also many instances in which Division 2, Class I, Group B, C & D hazardous location hoists are provided and mechanical spark-resistance is not required.

X-proof industries
Features of our Explosion-Proof Hoist
The Yale Global King is one of the most rugged & easy to maintain hoists in the industry. It is equipped with a 2-speed hoist & trolley control as standard equipment and has an ultra low-headroom design.

We have built the explosion-proof models with the control enclosure pre-mounted in a manner so that there are minimal increases to the overall size of the unit. Combining the explosion-proof features with the popular Global King hoist was a natural fit and one that was requested of the industry. The Yale Global King Explosion-Proof Wire Rope Hoist offers a competitive price & delivery solution to meet Division 2, Class I, Group B, C & D requirements. We will continue to address other hazardous location environments as possible additions to the Global King Explosion-Proof hoist portfolio. If for some reason the Global King does not meet your requirements, you can be sure that Columbus McKinnon has an alternate solution that will suit your needs.

Explosion-proof modifications are available on 5, 7-1/2 and 10 metric ton capacity hoists in both underhung and top-running motorized trolley configurations. We also offer the explosion-proof features for hoists branded under the Shaw-Box World Series name. These modifications are available on hoists wired for a number of common power supplies including 208V-3PH-60HZ, 230V-3PH-60HZ, 380V-3PH-50HZ, 380V-3PH-60HZ, 460V-3PH-60HZ and 575V-3PH-60HZ.

Paul Smielecki

Paul Smielecki is a Product Manager for Wire Rope Hoists and Crane Components at Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

Investing in America. Ready for the World. Spotlighting our Wadesboro, NC Operations

Investing in America. Ready for the World. Spotlighting our Wadesboro, NC Operations


At Columbus McKinnon, our success in the global marketplace is dependent not only on the knowledge and expertise to design and manufacture hoists, cranes, and rigging equipment; but also the business processes to facilitate consistent quality across our broad portfolio of products.

Our commitment to introducing new and innovative products, along with our desire to appeal to and reach overseas markets, prompted our Wadesboro, North Carolina Hoist Operations to seek ISO 9000 Certification — the international quality standard.

This is a tremendous investment in our facility and people, as well as a rededication to our local community. “We have been wanting to do this for years; the incoming products were just a catalyst,” says Joe Ombrello, General Manager of our Wadesboro Operations. “Having the ISO Certification enables us to go to new markets including Asia and Europe.”

Manufactured in Wadesboro, these hoists and overhead cranes are marketed to industries such as manufacturing and assembly, entertainment, utilities, power generation and mining:

Click here to see ALL of our American-made product built in Wadesboro and our other U.S. facilities.

The ISO 9000 certification process started in late 2010 with the guidance of the Industrial Extension Service at North Carolina State University (IES). The process began with the basics. “We started training our leadership in what ISO meant,” says Justin Dawkins, who began at Columbus McKinnon as an engineering student and is now Interim Quality Assurance Manager. “Then we began progressing through the standard, developed a quality manual, and developed training programs and processes within each area. ”

In April 2012, Columbus McKinnon received a banner from IES in recognition of its ISO achievement in a ceremony on the production floor of its 186,000 square foot plant. “It’s really an achievement of people in the plant, so we want to do something for them,” says Ombrello. The plant employs almost 220 employees.

Only three months into the roll-out of ISO 9000, Columbus McKinnon anticipates a 25 percent reduction in the cost of non-conforming material in the long term. The savings could be significant, allowing for reinvestment into the company.

Alongside the ISO 9000 certification process, our plant also engages in continuous improvement. Our JLC electric chain hoist product series just underwent a lean manufacturing improvement process. These units were previously built in batches and painted as complete assemblies prior to shipping. As a result of lean, we have now implemented a true one- piece flow pull system.  Our parts get painted prior to assembly so the unit is ready to ship once assembled. What does this mean to our customers? Reduced manufacturing times from 5-10 days down to 2-3 days.  Should our customer need a 1 day turnaround,  we can meet this request.


As focused as our plant is on quality, our Associates still make time for giving back to the community. Over the past several years our Wadesboro facility has been involved in Relay for Life, at one point leading the county as one of the top 3 fundraisers. Our HR Manager and 18-year Columbus McKinnon veteran, Bob Stowe, speaks regularly at local high schools, addressing work skills and career preparation to current students. He also serves on a regional work force development board involved in aligning training opportunities with career opportunities. We believe in supporting manufacturing technologies and equipping the workforce of our future.

Excerpts of this post were taken from an original blog post “Columbus McKinnon Lifts Quality Standard,” written by the Industrial Extension Service at North Carolina University.

Gisela Clark

Gisela Clark is an eMarketing Specialist for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.