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Flying Decks Transform High-Rise Construction Industry

Flying Decks Transform High-Rise Construction Industry

15 ton CM Compensator Chain Hoist enables the pioneering “flying deck” high-rise construction technique
The crane pulls the deck out of the lower floor, where the concrete has been poured and cured, and the deck detached.

Flying Decks are a new and unique way of construction for high-rise buildings.  They are pour-in-place floor forms that slide into the building.  The main benefit of this system is the productivity it brings in the construction process.  In many cases the need for reshoring is dramatically reduced, thereby increasing the speed of deck construction, cutting the time of formwork almost in half.  Flying deck systems also provide significant savings in labor costs.

Columbus McKinnon has developed a hoist The CM CompensatorTM specifically designed for use with Flying Decks.  It is used for load leveling of forms up to 30,000 pounds, sliding them out of building floors and into the upper deck by a tower crane.

The single hoist body unit is available in 7½,  9, 10, 12 and 15 ton capacities and provides many benefits over the competitive offerings available in the market.

Improved Operation:

Synchronizing issues are eliminated by using a single hoist unit rather that a double hoist unit. The result is a smooth predictable lift each time.  Electro-mechanical geared limit switches for both the up and down direction prevent the hook block from being accidentally run into the hoist causing damage and shutting down the operation. The single unit hoist has a lower current demand than the double unit which reduces the draw on the power supply.

Reduced Maintenance Costs and Time:
The single hoist design requires less time to inspect and repair and fewer parts to stock/buy.

Compensator Hoist

Superior Quality and Design:

In addition to the geared limit switches, the CM CompensatorTM hoist has machined and hardened steel helical gears sealed in an oil bath power train reservoir which provide better performance and extended life.


The CM CompensatorTM hoist is a very robust design. The hoist utilizes high strength chain, reducing the required reeving. The heavy duty chain container is manufactured out of steel and wire mesh for durability and strength as compared to competitive canvas containers. Additionally, the hook itself is heavy duty with wide throat openings allowing for easier attachment of slings, stingers and master links.

Herb Hart

Herb Hart is an Area Sales Manager for Entertainment Products for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.