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This article is Part 6 of a 7-part blog series that will cover what operators should consider when performing a pre-operational hoist safety inspection. Today, we’ll discuss operation inspection. When testing the operation of the hoist, it’s important to test the upper and lower limits. A limiting device protects the hoist from getting damaged, from running […]


During the hundreds of classes Columbus McKinnon’s training team has conducted over the years, there are a variety of questions that arise regarding the use, maintenance and inspection of overhead cranes and hoists. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to outline seven of the most common concerns, myths and misconceptions we’ve received from crane […]


Is there anyone out there who’s having to do more with less? Do you have a large inventory to manage or equipment to inspect, and all of it requiring thorough documentation to comply with regulations? Are you having a difficult time finding a good inspector or ensuring your inspectors are doing a quality job? Well, […]


Do you want to learn how to inspect our new CM Hurricane 360 chain hoist? Peter Cooke, our Training Manager for Rigging & Load Securement, will teach you how to properly disassemble, inspect and reassemble our popular CM Hurricane 360 hand chain hoist in our free Safety Webinar.  Peter will also walk you though how to set […]


Columbus McKinnon has opened its newest state-of-the-art training facility in Tonawanda, NY. Over the past few months, our training team has been renovating Columbus McKinnon’s previous headquarters(most recently the LodeRail production plant) in Tonawanda, NY into a new training center. This facility now holds certification classes and training courses featuring a combination of classroom and […]


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Since our comment box isn’t working (thanks for your patience!),  please send your ideas to cmcolive@cmworks.com and we will post them below as they come in. Otherwise check in on Friday for the answer! Response #1:  The most noticeable defect is that the chain guide is worn considerably on one side which suggests side loading and it […]

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About this time each year, OSHA releases a list of those facilities subject to an OSHA “head to toe” inspection because of their rate for severe injuries.  This year’s list of 15,000 facilities looking forward to an OSHA inspection is out with a new concern:  the costs of violations could skyrocket with some of the […]


Pre-planning your lift with everyone involved will ensure proper equipment and personnel are in place to make a safe lift. Always use proper rigging techniques when lifting loads.  Rigging training for your operators is important.  Rigging handbooks and proper equipment should be readily available.  If there is any doubt about the safety of your equipment […]


Two prime causes of accidents are overloading and poor rigging.  To prevent accidents, we suggest these guidelines: Know the hoist lifting capacity Always know the weight of the object you are lifting Never exceed the working load limit Train operators on proper rigging techniques as well as hoist operation Have rigging handbooks and proper equipment […]