low headroom hoist

Proper selection and specification of hoists, cranes and rigging hardware is always essential to safe overhead lifting, but in no environment is this more critical than on offshore oil and gas facilities. In offshore oil and gas applications, there is a higher potential for flammable gases to be present. Therefore it is extremely important that […]


Producing baby formula is no easy task especially when considering equipment maintenance in a clean room environment.  This baby formula maker in Malaysia had some tough requirements. They needed a hoist/trolley combination for 2200 lbs. capacity with a very low headroom profile (less than 8″).  In addition, this producer needed a hoist that would allow […]


The project engineer thought that he had an impossible task. When contacting virtually every hoist manufacturer he could find, this project engineer at an East Coast (U.S.) nuclear power plant was repeatedly told that his application requirements were “unworkable”. The project required a 16-ton capacity hoist and trolley that could be operated manually by one […]