The Answer to this Week’s Blog Post: Rigging Challenge – What is wrong with this picture?

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by  on September 3, 2010

Using the hoist chain for rigging

The hoist chain was used for rigging. This should never be done.  Per ASME B30.16-3.1.2 (a) The hoist chain shall not be wrapped around the load.  (b) The load shall be attached to the load hook by suitable means.

Alloy chains should  have been used and connected to the hoist chain. Alloy chains have alloying elements that give this type of chain durability, abrasive resistance and toughness. Hoist chains can fail when used in this manner because they have a high hardness. The lift wheel of the hoist and chain are calibrated for proper functioning of the hoist.

Additionally, when using the proper rigging chain sling in this manner, protective padding must be used.  Per ASME B30.9-1.10.4  (d) Sharp edges in contact with the sling should be padded with material of sufficient strength to protect the sling.

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John Shaw June 21, 2011 at 10:22 am

I agree with the comment above.

I am looking for information/regulations regarding chain down operations. Is there a reduction that has to be accounted for when one two part a chain around a column, say in a tie-down scenario? For wire rope the D/d ratio degrades the efficiency of the rope and I am wondering if there is anything similar for chains when used for tie downs. I know that tie-downs are not considered below the hook and that all chains have a safety factor incorporated in the rating. Have you seen any regulations that would help clarify this?

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