Safety Remains Top of Mind with Third Annual Safety Calendar Contest

Safety Remains Top of Mind with Third Annual Safety Calendar Contest

third annual safety calendar

Safety should always be at the core of how a company operates – and Columbus McKinnon is no exception. Over our long history, the safety of our employees and customers has remained paramount and is a continued focus for us as we move into 2016.

Safety at Work, Home or Play

As part of our continued commitment to safety, we kicked off our third annual Safety Calendar Contest last year. We asked the children and grandchildren of our Associates around the world to submit drawings on the theme of “Safety at Work, Home or Play.” The children took this contest to heart and we received 90 entries from 12 of our locations in 9 countries around the world. The entries we received were creative and inspiring!

A group of artists spent hours poring over the entries to choose to 13 winners and 9 runners-up that would be featured in the 2016 calendar. Judging was based on originality, artistic merit and expression of the safety theme.

In addition to creating great artwork, it is encouraging to see the safety messages our children are expressing. The messages for 2016 covered swim and fire safety, the importance of wearing protective equipment, and good decision making while driving (avoiding alcohol and watching for pedestrians). A new topic covered this year was internet safety. As the future workforce, it is important to instill a safety-conscious work ethic in children at a young age. You can never start too young!

It’s our goal at Columbus McKinnon to help our customers lift, position and secure items in a safe and productive way and we will continue to develop products, services and training to achieve just that. Happy New Year and we look forward to sharing new and useful information to keep safety top of mind throughout the coming year.

This post was written by Laura Miller, former Corporate Health & Safety Manager for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

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