Unique Rail System Allows Quick Hoist Exchange on Production Line

Unique Rail System Allows Quick Hoist Exchange on Production Line

Coffing Hoist Rail System

A computer controlled renovation and refurbishing line with specific time and efficiency goals relies heavily on the proper continuous function of all of its components.

A series of nearly 200 of the Coffing EC Electric Hoists continuously travel an older rail system performing a series of inspections, dips, paint and oven stops on a refurbishing line. All of the hoists on the line are connected to one computer that operates and monitors the line efficiently.

Previous maintenance on the hoists had caused significant downtime, stopping the line and holding up the operation  until the hoist could be removed, repaired and put back into service. Due to using nearly the same model hoist in all areas, extra hoists and a sizeable parts inventory can be kept on hand to make the exchange procedure even more effective.

To minimize the line’s downtime, engineers developed a unique “off-ramp/on ramp” set up to enable a quick change out of hoists.

The “off-ramp / on ramp” system now allows individual hoists to be off-loaded and repaired as well as new or repaired hoists to be on-loaded to the line in a fraction of the time that had previously been needed for such repairs.  The “off-ramp/ on-ramp” system has effectively enabled repairs to be made using proper parts while also removing many of the stresses created by time related pressures often associated with production lines.

This post was written by Rob Beightol, former Director of Marketing Communications for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

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