What the VPPPA is Doing to Address Safety in the Workplace

What the VPPPA is Doing to Address Safety in the Workplace

The 2012 National Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association (VPPPA) conference was held in Anaheim, California this month.  The conference consisted of industry leading companies that are involved in voluntary protection programs from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Department of Energy (DOE) or other government agencies. These agencies are responsible for developing and implementing cooperative recognition programs. During the conference, Columbus McKinnon had the opportunity to present a workshop on Rigging Gear Safety Inspections.  

Everyone came together for networking and education.

VPPPA conference participants  included health and safety managers, employee safety team members, industrial hygienists, union representatives, consultants, environmental health specialists, human resource managers and government agency representatives from OSHA and the DOE.

The VPPPA Conference allows workers to have a voice.

The VPPPA has grown and diversified itself since its inception in 1982, continuously adding members and addressing newly identified safety and health issues. Columbus McKinnon is a proud member and supporter of the VPPPA and its mission. The conference allows workers to have a voice and presents the tools to improve their workplace, become more efficient, and save money each year. The conference provided an educational experience that exceeded our expectations. Over the course of 3 days an estimated 200 workshops were conducted. The workshops, open to all attendees, gave workers the opportunity to learn or improve their knowledge of safety and health issues. They are conducted by industry professionals proficient in a particular subject manner. Presentations were followed up by a Q & A session.

Columbus McKinnon is recognized as an industry leader in material handling manufacturing, but did you know Columbus McKinnon is also a leader in material handling safety? We conducted a Rigging Gear Safety Inspection workshop at the VPPPA. Our hands-on workshop identified potential hazards in the manufacturing, construction and entertainment industries. Common misused material handling gear such as slings, shackles, wire rope, and below the hook lifters were discussed.

We take material handling seriously.

Columbus McKinnon offers material handling safety training in various full-day courses to allow workers to participate in a hands-on experience. Workers can get their questions answered by industry professionals. The experience and the knowledge gained through our training courses allows companies to improve safety in their workplace and become more efficient. Click here to learn more.

Did you attend the VPPPA conference?  If so, what did you learn? What inspired you the most? Please share your experiences with us in our comments section.

Chris Zgoda

Chris Zgoda is a Corporate Trainer for Columbus McKinnon.

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