Where’s your CM?

Where’s your CM?

Although I have only been at Columbus McKinnon for 5 years, our company has been designing and manufacturing hoists and rigging products for over 135 years. Brands like CM, Yale, Coffing, Little Mule, Duff-NortonBudgitShaw-Box, Chester, Dixie, Cady, and Camlok (all of which are from Columbus McKinnon) continue to be recognized as providing superior material handling products to companies around the world.

No matter what facility I visit, I can usually find a product from Columbus McKinnon. Sometimes I see our products when I least expect it. While visiting the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine, I noticed the bell on the Sherman Zwicker (a 1942 schooner) was hanging on a CM shackle.

Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine 1 Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine 2

I also saw a CM Lodestar being used on a dock to unload lobster boats.

Lobster Boats

Although this picture is not a shining example of how to maintain and attach a hoist to a jib (or in this case a pipe), it is just another example of our products being everywhere. (By the way, we do offer training classes on crane and hoist maintenance and proper rigging techniques!)

So we would like to know “WHERE’S YOUR CM”!

You can post your CMCO product pictures on our facebook fan page wall or e-mail them to cmcolive@cmworks.com with a short description of where the picture was taken. Do you use any of our products? Are they in your facility? Maybe you’ve seen our hoists used at concerts to hold up the lighting truss system or our chain and binders used to tie down products on truck trailers. Regardless of the use, we want to see our products in action.  WHERE’S YOUR CM?

This post was written by Stacie Wingfield, former Director of Marketing for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

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  1. In Washington DC, Smithsonian National Museum of American History, there is a section called Energy and Power. An exhibit has a Yale Hoist chainfall. The next time I get there I will get a good picture of it.

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