Yale Global King Now Available with Explosion Proof Options

Yale Global King Now Available with Explosion Proof Options

Global Wire Rope Hoist Explosion Proof Columbus McKinnon has a long history of supplying equipment for use in hazardous environments. We just launched our newest entry into this market:  the Yale Global King Explosion-Proof Wire Rope Hoist designed to meet Division 2, Class I, Groups B, C & D requirements where flammable gases, vapors and liquids are present.

Explosion-Proof Classifications & Environments
To someone relatively unfamiliar with Explosion-Proof classifications & environments, their requirements can be a little confusing and are often misconstrued. The first thing to remember about explosion-proof hoists is they are not really explosion-proof at all, but rather designed with modifications to contain explosions or flames without igniting the surrounding environment.

In North America, almost all explosion-proof hoists are built per classifications outlined by the National Electric Code under the categories of Division, Class & Group. Please refer to our brochure for complete information on the features of the Yale Global King Explosion-Proof Wire Rope Hoist as well as a breakdown of the Division 2, Class I, Groups B, C & D environments.

Mechanical spark-resistant features are often misidentified as being part of the requirements for explosion-proof hoists. That’s not really the case at all. When defining its requirements for electrical equipment used in hazardous environments, the National Electric Code does not refer to mechanical spark-resistant features. These features would have to be specifically referenced, in addition to the explosion-proof modifications, if they are required. It is the responsibility of the user and the local governing authority to determine what type of hazardous location is present and if mechanical spark-resistant features are also required. In some cases, mechanical spark-resistance might be deemed necessary, but there are also many instances in which Division 2, Class I, Group B, C & D hazardous location hoists are provided and mechanical spark-resistance is not required.

X-proof industries
Features of our Explosion-Proof Hoist
The Yale Global King is one of the most rugged & easy to maintain hoists in the industry. It is equipped with a 2-speed hoist & trolley control as standard equipment and has an ultra low-headroom design.

We have built the explosion-proof models with the control enclosure pre-mounted in a manner so that there are minimal increases to the overall size of the unit. Combining the explosion-proof features with the popular Global King hoist was a natural fit and one that was requested of the industry. The Yale Global King Explosion-Proof Wire Rope Hoist offers a competitive price & delivery solution to meet Division 2, Class I, Group B, C & D requirements. We will continue to address other hazardous location environments as possible additions to the Global King Explosion-Proof hoist portfolio. If for some reason the Global King does not meet your requirements, you can be sure that Columbus McKinnon has an alternate solution that will suit your needs.

Explosion-proof modifications are available on 5, 7-1/2 and 10 metric ton capacity hoists in both underhung and top-running motorized trolley configurations. We also offer the explosion-proof features for hoists branded under the Shaw-Box World Series name. These modifications are available on hoists wired for a number of common power supplies including 208V-3PH-60HZ, 230V-3PH-60HZ, 380V-3PH-50HZ, 380V-3PH-60HZ, 460V-3PH-60HZ and 575V-3PH-60HZ.

Paul Smielecki

Paul Smielecki is a Product Manager for Wire Rope Hoists and Crane Components at Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

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  1. Thank you for your comment.
    For environments in which an explosion-proof motor is required, we typically obtain complete UL listed motors with brakes from our vendors. We have found the UL rating to be more commonly preferred in North America than CSA.

  2. Dear Paul,
    Our company is manufacturer of flameproof brakes input NEMA C-face out NEMA C-face. Our certification is issued by CSAus, for CLASS I, II, DIV 1,2, GROUPS C, D, E, F.
    You can mount our brake on the C-face flange of all the brands of NEMA motors in US, very easily….and fast!
    I hope You can contact me.
    Have a good day!

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